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First Declarations of the Reinforcement of America

América performs pre-season work in Playa del Carmen, had three new additions and the most important was the young reinforcement Jorge Sánchez. The 20-year-old defender who comes to fight the post with Paul Aguilar, after he won the subchampionship with the Mexican National Team U21 in the Tournament Esperanzas de Toulon.
For this reason his adaptation will be faster taking Diego Lainez and Carlos Vargas as teammates who played the same tournament Esperanzas de Toulon. So were the impressions on arrival in the preseason to integrate with the rest of the team "Now that I had them as partners in the Tournament of Toulon I could have an important approach, from the moment it was known that I was a player of the Americas, they were the first team to congratulate me and welcome me, I am sure that with your support the Adapting to the club will be easier because you can help me with anything I need " "I thank them because they offered to help me once I arrived in America because for me it will be something new, a total change from the city I arrived to and the team that I will defend, I am very grateful to them, the truth is that I take very good with them "

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